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Conflicts within Organizations

Many organizations such as high schools, universities, hospitals, churches, corporations and law firms need assistance with a breakdown of internal communications. This breakdown can have many causes, including mistrust, endless gossip, lack of respect and recriminations between staff, management, board members, and partners. When this occurs, it leads to conflct which negatively affects morale, quality of work, and decision making and implementation.

Communications counselor Steven Wawra can help open-up lines of communication and re-establish trust using techniques learned in over eighteen years of assisting parties in conflict in over 1000 mediations and settlement conferences, and in teaching in the Certificate Program in Conflict Management and the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution at University of California, Irvine, Extension. Please click on the tab "About Steve" or "Professional Resume" for a review of his experiences and education.

To assess the issues at the root of the communication breakdown, Steve will meet with all individuals in conflict. He will map the conflict, perceptions and emotions and recommend the best way to proceed to address the problems. In order to fully air-out these issues, it is very important to create a safe space for in-depth discussions at the organization headquarters or at an organization retreat.

 Discussions will be facilitated following ground rules, and in constructive non-confrontational and non-blaming way, leading to a changing of perceptions, improving of communications and rebuilding of trust.  Relationships, which have been been negatively affected by the communication breakdown, often are re-established or at least reach a point of acknowledgement and acceptance of differing viewpoints. A procedure will be instituted to address future communication issues.
Once work-place communications are re-established, improvement in morale and work productivity are the result. Organization goals can be discussed and decisions made with improvement of the workplace environment. 


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