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Steven Wawra

Highly Experienced Culturally-Sensitive Mediation Services   Communication Coaching for Family Businesses/Organizations

Steven A. Wawra - Experienced and Culturally-Competent Mediator

With over thirty years of law practice and business experience, and over 1000 mediations and mandatory settlement conferences, I bring a seasoned ability to resolve a broad range of complex disputes, including real estate, business, corporate, commercial, employment, contract, and personal injury disputes, involving U.S. and foreign parties.

Mediations involving foreign individuals are approached with great respect for cultural sensitivities, due to life-long experiences of living in Europe and speaking French, and due to working closely with Japanese parties for a long period of time.

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Wawra Dispute Resolution facilitates the opening up of lines of communication and the re-establishing of trust in professional and personal relationships.  Skills developed over 20 years of assisting parties in conflict  are used in a constructive, non-confrontational and non-blaming way to facilitate discussions between estranged family members, soured staff, management and board members in small businesses, and individuals in other organizations such as universities, hospitals, churches, and law firms, where there has been a communication breakdown. These facilitated discussions lead to a changing of perceptions, improving of communications and rebuilding trust. Family members can then understand and respect each other's points of view, businesses can operate more efficiently and make decisions, and organizations can be free of gossip and negative attitudes.

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Please visit the "About Steve" page to learn more about my background in dispute resolution and communication counseling. I am happy to answer any questions you may have; please call me at 949-640-4500 or send an email to swawra@aol.com or click "Contact" .


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